Moffenmeid awarded Best Movie in Montreal, Canada

Moffenmeid (La Tondue) by Raymon Hilkman has been awarded BEST MOVIE at the ‘International festival du film d’histoire’ in Montréal, Canada!!


The jury described Moffenmeid this way: 


Served by the finesse of the actors’ play as well as by a subtle soundtrack, the film shifts the tension of this tragic moment in history by questioning the tearing of a mother and her daughter, humiliated by the inhabitants of the neighborhood for having linked up with a German soldier during the Second World War. For the originality of its point of view, as well as for its sobriety and the efficiency of silences, the award for best short film is awarded to La Tondue (Moffenmeid) by Raymon Hilkman (Netherlands) 


Watch 'Moffenmeid' at home with NPO 3 LAB - VPRO

Great news about Moffenmeid again! In the light of 75 years of freedom in the Netherlands after WOII, the movie ‘Moffenmeid’ is NOW available online at VPRO 3 lab - FOR FREE! Check the link and watch the story that is finally getting told. (Don’t forget to rate us on IMDb)


Anna Joan x band at heyhoef-backstage

Watch Anna Joan's performance at Heyhoef-Backstage online now! 


Watch 'Moffenmeid' at home during Filmfesitval Go Short

"In these strange times, I have a really nice surprise for everyone. Despite the fact that a lot of performances have been cancelled for the upcoming months, I am beyond happy that I can now share the following; The shortfilm ‘MOFFENMEID’ by Raymon Hilkman, that was supposed to play at the Go Short Filmfestival, is NOW available ONLINE! Go and stream this beautiful movie and help us to kom de winter door. 

Hope you’re all good, stay safe <3" 


LIVE at Heyhoef-Backstage

"What an evening. 

Thank you all so much for coming!" 

New photos online from Anna Joan's live performance at Heyhoef-Backstage. 

Photography by Kees Staps, Hans Kusters and MakingElisabethPictures


Anna Joan and band LIVE in Tilburg

On FEB 29 Anna Joan will perform a full show LIVE with her band in Heyhoef-Backstage, Tilburg. 

A special performance with a lot of new songs written by Anna Joan. 

Don't miss this. 

Tickets on SALE now 


The movie Moffenmeid won the audience award!

"Last Saturday, during the VERS Film Awards in Amsterdam, the movie ‘Moffenmeid’ by Raymon Hilkman WON the Audience Award!!! There’s no bigger reward then getting rewarded by the audience. It was an absolute dream to play this part and to work together with so many inspiring people on a story that needed to be told. Thank you all"


Movie 'Moffenmeid' nominated

The movie 'Moffenmeid' by Raymon Hilkman, in which Anna Joan played the leading role, has been nominated for the VERS FILM AWARDS. Upcoming Saturday it will be screened in Amsterdam. Would you like to join the award ceremony? Get your tickets now! 


Sold-out show with orchestra

"Let me be real - you might have seen it already, but this concert was a very special one for me. Besides the fact that I had the honour to perform with a fantastic orchestra and had the honour to celebrate 75 years of freedom, I ALSO had the honour to sing wonderful, powerful, songs. Among others ‘Girl in 14G’ by Jeanine Tesori and Dick Scanlan and ‘Earthsong’ by one of my biggest inspiration of all time; Michael Jackson. I am freeeaaky proud of what we’ve been showing you that night- love for the music and even more love for the story behind it. "


The shortfilm Moffenmeid in action

The shortfilm 'Moffenmeid' in which Anna Joan played the Moffenmeid, has been selected for The National Dutch Film Festival (Nederlands Film Festival - NFF) and the Shortcutz Festival Amsterdam. Make sure to check it out! 

SEP 10 - 20:00 - Shortcutz Amsterdam - Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 7-9 1 hoog, Amsterdam

(free entrance but full is full) 


SEP 29 - 18:30 - Nederlands Film Festival - Kinopolis, Jaarbeursboulevard 300, Utrecht

(tickets in link below) 


OKT 1 - 21:30 - Nederlands Film Festival - Kinopolis, Jaarbeursboulevard 300, Utrecht

(tickets in link below) 


click the button below to read the full interview with Anna

This week you can find a big interview with Anna Joan in the newspaper 'Brabants Dagblad' about her performance at Piazza Cultura and her experience during the recordings of the shortfilm Moffenmeid. Check out the full article below! 


Anna Joan got back out of the studio

Anna Joan has been writing and recording a lot of new songs. 

Stay tuned to follow when and where these tracks are going to be released. 


First still of the movie Moffenmeid

The movie 'Moffenmeid', in which Anna Joan will be playing the leading part, is almost finished. 

Stay tuned to stay updated about the premiere and the other exposures. 

For now- take a look at the first Still of the movie 'Moffenmeid'. 


"Thanks to all of you, it was a blast.
How I loved to work together with so many fantastic artists on my new performance; ABORT. 
My lovely band; Frank Wintermans, Bente Jasmijn, Erik Verberne, Erwin Lemmers and Roel van den Nieuwenhoff. My fantastic choreographer Maria Sartzetaki by whom I met Lea Emilia Christensen, the dancer who made this performance complete. House of La Joel who made this perfect costume exactly the way I wanted it to be. Makeup-artist Julia Warmerdam who I met at the set of the movie Moffenmeid and now did my hair and makeup in a fantastic different style. And last but not least; all my teachers who helped me during my Masters Of Music and always supported me in being and doing me. 
I can not wait for my last year ‘Master of Music’ to start ^^ in AMSTERDAM." 


27/06/2019 - 16:00-17:00 @Paradox Tilburg

At the 27th of June Anna Joan will be performing her own 'Master of Music' Recital at Paradox in Tilburg. 


Master Recital Anna Joan 

27th of June 

16:00-17:00 @Paradox, Tilburg


01/06/2019 - 18:00-19:00 @Westergasfabriek

At the 1st of June Anna Joan will be performing LIVE at the free festival 'Rollende Keukens' in Amsterdam together with her band. She will be playing some repertoire of her EP 'Crawl', but also some new repertoire. So make sure to check it out. 

1st of June


Rollende Keukens

Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam 

Free entrance 


Friday night - 22:00-23:30

Upcoming Friday Anna Joan will again be performing LIVE at the Jazzbar in Eindhoven with her guitarist Tiago Lageira. 

"It's free to visit, they serve cocktails and we are about to serve some more juice. Better be there" 



@Jazzbar Eindhoven 


Anna Joan will be playing the role of Mirthe in the shortfilm STER

Anna Joan will be playing the 27 year old Mirthe in the shortfilm STER by Catherina Losifidis. More information soon. 


Meet the new Anna Joan

For the leading role in the movie 'Moffenmeid' Anna Joan has been shaved bald. Go check out her new casting photo's to see how the new Anna Joan looks. 


Anna Joan just released her first EP Crawl on all steaming services world wide

Anna Joan's first EP 'CRAWL' is available now on all streaming services worldwide. 

Listen now on iTunes, AppleMusic, Spotify and others! 


Anna Joan will be playing the leading role of Nellie in the shortmovie 'Moffenmeid'

"I am so thrilled and grateful to tell you guys that I will be playing the part of Nellie in the new shortfilm ‘Moffenmeid’. A movie about love in times of war - even when it seems that the war is over. 
Can’t wait to start this new adventure with this amazing team!!!
Side note; I will be shaved bald for this movie in a few weeks- just so you know."
Stay tuned and check ‘Moffenmeid’ on FB and Insta for all the info.


Listen now on iTunes, AppleMusic, Spotify and more

Anna Joan's second single 'CRAWL' is available now on all streaming services worldwide. 

Listen now on iTunes, AppleMusic, Spotify and others! 

And follow @annajoanofficial on Instagram and facebook to stay updated for the next releases! 


07.02.2019 - 19:30

Anna Joan just released her first music video of her single 'Week'. 

Click the button below to check it out! 


Strike, Dance, Rise!

Dear all, 
One in three women will be raped or beaten in her lifetime. That must change. 
In 2011 playwright and activist Eve Ensler founded the movement ‘One Billion Rising’, dedicated to the One Billion women that are part of this “1/3”, to make that change. Now, 8 years later, it has grown into a worldwide movement with many powerful women and men who support the motto “Strike, Dance, Rise”.
On the 8th of February this ‘One Billion Rising’ Revolution will come to Tilburg to dance the night away. 
I have the honour of performing that day with a fantastic dance crew behind me. Will you dance with us?
. . . 
One Billion Rising - Rise
8th of February - 12:00-13:00
@ Pieter Vreedeplein, Tilburg
Free entrance.


Listen now on iTunes, AppleMusic, Spotify and more

The first single of the singer, actress and songwriter Anna Joan is available now on all streaming services worldwide. Week is an acoustic, feel-good guitar song about absolute freedom. The freedom Anna Joan experienced when she was traveling alone through Europe with nothing but her necessity of life; a guitar, sport gear and a tent. 

Listen now on iTunes, AppleMusic, Spotify and others! 

And follow @annajoanofficial on Instagram and facebook to stay updated for the next releases! 


Pre-sale first single live now!

Anna Joan's first single is available for pre-sale now! Check the link below to purchase the track on iTunes and Apple Music. 


Come and watch the 2 shows of Anna Joan at Theatre Festival Boulevard

At friday the 3th of August Anna Joan will be performing two times at Festival Boulevard in Den Bosch. First at 20:30 at the 'Muzeije, Den Bosch' with her own musictheatre show 'Tweedehands Fiets' (secondhand bike) and after that at 23:00 at 'Josephkwartier, Den Bosch' to close off the festivalday with an acoustic set with some new own pop repertoire. Both performances are free to visit. Will we see you there? 


Annabel van Casteren will continue her way under the name 'ANNA JOAN'

The same singer, actress and songwriter - just another name. 

Annabel van Casteren will continue her way under the name 'ANNA JOAN'. 

Stay tuned because there will be a lot of news to follow this summer...


Nominatie Jacques de Leeuw prijs en eindexamenproductie GAS

Op 8 maart werd een uitgebreid interview met Annabel van Casteren gepubliceerd in de Peel&Maas, een krant in Noord Limburg.

Hierin sprak zij over haar nominatie voor de Jacques de Leeuw Prijs en haar zelfgeschreven eindexamenproductie 'GAS' die 19 mei in première zal gaan in het NWE Vorst Theater in Tilburg.

Klik op 'MORE INFO' om het gehele stuk te lezen. 

Bekijk 'EVENTS' om meer te lezen over haar eindexamenproductie GAS


Annabel van Casteren is één van de genomineerde voor de Jacques de Leeuw Prijs

Een prijs voor jonge, talentvolle kunstenaars die zich ook na hun studie verder willen ontwikkelen.

Met het prijzengeld van 10.000 euro (!!!!) wil Stichting Jacques de Leeuw deze studenten dan ook echt die mogelijkheid bieden!!

Vanuit elke academie is er één student genomineerd die in de eindfase van zijn/haar studie zit.


Een deskundige jury zal uiteindelijk beoordelen welke twee van de acht nominaties als het meest belovend kunnen worden beschouwd…

Bekijk 'EVENTS' om meer te lezen over de openbare perspresentatie van de genomineerde en de openbare prijsuitreiking.


Muziektheater van en door Annabel van Casteren

Op vrijdag 22 dec, tijdens 'de Nacht van de Kunsten' is het eindelijk zo ver; dan gaat de voorstelling 'Tweedehands Fiets' in première; muziektheater van en door Annabel van Casteren. 

Met eigen muziek en eigen teksten zal de 4e jaars muziektheaterstudente onder begeleiding van pianist Jeannau Jean Louis en celliste Nina Morel eens even vertellen wat voor ellende tweedehands fietsen doormaken. 


Deze voorstelling is vanaf nu ook te boeken voor uw event of festival.

Voor meer informatie over 'Tweedehands Fiets' kunt u mailen naar


Overgangstentamen Muziektheater

'Verkeerd Verbonden' is een muziektheater voorstelling van- en door Annabel van Casteren die dient als haar overgangstentamen voor haar opleiding 'Muziektheater' aan de 'Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten' te Tilburg. 

De entree is gratis, dus wees van harte welkom! 

20:00 - Muziekzaal Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten 

Muzikale begeleiding: 
Koos van den Brekel, Erik Vlasblom en Erik Verberne 


Annabel van Casteren als 'Mrs. Fleet' in de musical 'TITANIC'

De onzinkbaar geachte Titanic droeg de onbegrensde dromen van honderden mensenlevens in zich en was het symbool van een nieuw tijdperk van grenzeloze vooruitgang. Haar tragische ondergang in de vroege uren van 15 april 1912, was een waarschuwing voor overmoed en zette de mensheid weer met beide benen op de grond. Maar niet voor lang… 

De tweede- en derdejaars studenten van Fontys Conservatorium voor Muziektheater brengen samen met regisseur Paul Eenens hun eigenzinnige interpretatie van deze indrukwekkende musical van Peter Stone en Maury Yeston.

23 t/m 26 juni 2017 om 20:15 te zien in Theaters Tilburg. 

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